The navigator’s shop

The fittings accessories are fundamental for boats, In offers boat owners a great variety of nautical equipment, in this way people can count products suitable for use on boats.

These nautical accessories are available in different models and sizes; thanks to this website, people can place their order from the comfort of your home, shipments are made between 7 and 10 business days after making the payment.

What you will find

In the category of hardware, people can find; nautical locks, nautical locks, awnings, seats, spare parts for hatches, handrails and guardrails, antlers, hinges, nautical sketches, buoys and defenses among others, products for boats, is one of the online nautical shops, specialized for the navigator.

Taking care of the accessories that are used in the boats is important, since of this will depend on the good maintenance that we have, especially if the owner of the boat uses it to rent it.

The navigator’s shop is the shop of the navigator , its headquarters is located in the Canary Islands, Madrid and Barcelona and make shipments to any part of Europe, each shipment is guaranteed that will reach its destination in excellent conditions, this is thanks to the insurance coverage and protect each of its products, before the various damages that may suffer during the transfer.

Its warehouse is located in Barcelona, ​​from there it is the logistics center where you send orders to any point in Spain and Portugal – without limitations – each shipment has a flat rate of 4 euros and shipping guarantee within a maximum period of 10 days.

All the nautical accessories offered by the tienda, belongs to the best brands in the market, each one guarantees its quality and they are designed for its use in a long period.

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